Touching Funny And Just Downright Odd Random People Reveal The Stories Behind The

Ivan Cash was blown away by how open and honest people he approached in San Francisco’s streets were, sharing personal stories, some touching, some funny. From one night stands, to moments of natural beauty, an office picture to prove a boyfriend was at work and not cheating, to a bent-over stripper – the collection is a glimpse into moments in people’s every day lives.

Touching Funny Just Downright Random. Streets Sharing Personal

He said in Hawaii he is wanted in jail for making his bracelets On a personal note, Mr Cash said he found the project ‘gratifying’ since it’s rare for his projects, which focus on human interaction in the digital media, to get him outside and physically meeting people. Another had a photo of a friend prior to going in for a face-lift procedure, and decided it wasn’t fair to make it public. She told Mr Cash her husband died five years ago But more often than not, Mr Cash said he was overwhelmed by how cooperative people were and how they were so willing and open to sharing such personal information about snap-shots of their lives. Benett/Getty Images)nn"Please note this image forms part of the Getty Premium Access agreement and may incur an additional fee.

But the irony is, when you look around in a public space, half the people are on their phones, and it feels really isolating when people are not open to what’s going on around them.’ He said: ‘I hope at least there’s a dialogue about it, or it starts a conversation about it, ‘ he said, adding, ‘I hope that other people go out and explore their surroundings.’
Artist Ivan Cash, pictured, said it was heart-warming how open and honest people in San Francisco were when he approached them in the street and asked about the last picture on their phone