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Zandi is capable of meeting all of a reporter’s go-to-guy needs, so the trade has been careful in obscuring his liberalism. Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, who edited the slick Jihadi Internet magazine, were killed in an air strike on their convoy in Yemen by a joint CIA-U.S.

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But, again, this may mean that it must also overlook realities that actually lie very near at hand, either quite open to investigation if another method could be found, or so obviously beyond investigation as to mark out the limits of scientific method with particular clarity. When asked for the name and date of the peer reviewed experiment or observation that affirms this theory, the materialist blinks in astonishment, or details on how to perform the experiment or observation for oneself which affirms the theory, the materials becomes surprised and belligerent and tells you that the scientific method does not rest on repeatable experiment or observation, but instead rest on the firm foundation of some opinions he picked up in casual conversation and/or woolgathering somewhere he cannot quite recall, but perhaps it involved reading a book, or the first part of it anyway, by Isaac Asimov or Carl Sagan or perhaps an article on Wikipedia. Or everything turns out better than when it started—what used to be called a comedy, but now is just called a story. Sherlock suggests, “Following his crushing electoral defeat in November of 2012, Obama establishes the “Office of the Ex-President-select” and simply refuses to stop being President.” Outside the birds will be singing, the cars will still be running and the houses will all be there.

See, the funny thing is, it turns out, a couple years back there was, well, this stimulus program money, and then there were these brainstorming sessions, where, well, there were some ideas what to do with it. So, anyhoo, one of the ideas that happened was, ‘hey, what if there were, say, 2000 machine guns that got sent to Mexican drug lords?’
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