Kanye West Stops Show To Tell Two People To Stand Before Realising TheyRe In

The star stopped the show because two people were not standing [GETTY]
According to reports, he singled out two people who weren’t standing, only to then find out they were in a wheelchair. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, a source said: “He wanted to crowd to stand up and couldn’t see why they were seated.

Kanye West Stops Show Tell. Standing Wheelchair Speaking

The mother-of-one showed off her stunning figure in a cream roll-neck jumper with a matching skirt and a pair of black sandals.

Fans took to their Twitter accounts to relay what was going on, and while many laughed it off, others couldn’t help but cringe at the situation. While another added: “I can see Kanye telling two kids in a wheelchair to ‘stand up and dance’ AWKWARD.”