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Hood Shooter Didn’t See Combat, But that won’t stop the Blame Bush/PTSD memeIvan Lopez from his Facebook accountSo, you have PTSD — or you think you do — and yet you didn’t see any combat? There is no record that Lopez saw combat or was injured during a four-month deployment in 2011 to Iraq, where he was a truck driver, military officials said.

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So it�s unfair of Milley and the media to check off the PTS box as the cause for this incident. And this followup:As I�ve been saying all along, PTS has become an excuse for bad behavior, but on closer examination, something the media is largely unequipped to accept, that�s all it is � an excuse. The right-wing equivalent of the Blame Bush meme is that this is somehow Obama’s fault for not allowing guns on military bases. Of all the people in the world most trustworthy as a group to carry guns, those that serve in uniform are them. I read it somewhere last night but forgot to save the link)Whenever an insane person murders someone it is tempting to blame larger forces.

My impression from the Ph.Ds in Psychology I work with is that pretty much most of the psychological theories stemming from Freud and those that followed his lead in tying psychological disorders to life experiences or events have pretty much fallen out of favor. Well, we know that people who do have PTS don�t normally hurt other people, they hurt themselves, but not the rest of us.
“Why wouldn�t we consider doing to Islamic extremists what Glenn Greenwald does routinely to Republicans”>