Yeah I know the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth – scary as fuck. Ain’t nothing affectionate here.
The nose aspect of this goggle is a big narrower and bigger, so the goggles aren’t spending a full day on your cheeks. Do these goggles also take into account my slanted eyes and come in a colour that compliments my yellow skin?

. Goggles Spending Cheeks

Apparently it’s a fetish hitting quite a few schools in Japan and all the school children are getting into this ocular action. See – when I think about eyeballs – this comes to mind:Yeah I know the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth – scary as fuck. Tongue to eyeball is just asking for pesky germs and gross infections . So next time your significant other decides that you guys need to spice things up a little, consider pulling back an eyelid and giving the eyeball a little lick. Succinct and direct as is E’s usual manner of prose, and ironically retold told in a cool and collected manner, the play nevertheless manages to pull off its end goal of inducing a deluge of racial angst.

Some good advice for companies: Make products that appeal to individuals of all ethnicities, but don’t fall into the trap of stereotyping and assuming that “making it ethnic” is the best way to reach an ethnic audience. Aka oculolinctus or 眼球なめプレイOculinctus, or the act of licking your loved one’s eyeball to show your affection, is just another one of those odd trends coming out of Japan.
Eyeballs ruined for life.