Gladys Tan The House Of Hagen Dazs

Very much, too: )We arrived at KLCC and went on to find the main entrance where the cars which will be transporting us to the secret place are at, but we failed – BIG TIME. Little did we know that KLCC actually has 7 main entrances and the only one i THOUGHT i knew was the MPO one: ‘) I’m a disgrace to the nation.

Gladys House Hagen Dazs   Failed Little Actually

Ok, let’s not go there: ‘) #yoloSo basically the whole night was just filled with delicious sensuous ice-cream, good food, great music and singing, awesome atmosphere and ultimately – great company: )A little effort goes a long way. With me not having worn any pair of heels in such a long time , my feet was hurting like crazy.

What a treat on top of the already awesome night: )And the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived. But i’m most grateful to have my very own star being my date for the night, and my ice-cream buddy: )WE ATE WITH NO RESERVATION.
This is how the door looked like.