Fifty Shades Of Grey

Would you want to be in Anastasia’s shoes and be with experienced Christian Grey for your first time instead? JESSICA’S ANSWER: I think Ana was just so naive and trusted Christian completely which ultimately lead to her allowing him to do anything to her.

Fifty Shades Grey   Jessica Answer Trusted

SARAH’S ANSWER: I think Ana is a virgin but is so caught up under Christians’ spell she’s willing to do anything for him and to be with him. Although I’m not convinced she’s a blow job virgin cause seriously who is an expert on their first time and “deep throats” she’s a blow job whore from way back. As for my 1st time I’d rather have lost it with someone with experience, I still cringe at my first time. I did like the idea of having music played in your ears while your blind folded so you aren’t actually concentrating on what your partner is doing, your body just responds. Some of the things I cringed at and thought no way would I EVER try that, for example, I wouldn’t try anal because that is for stuff coming out not going in.

Whether you are a virgin or promiscuous any person you have a sexual encounter with is new and refreshing, learning their moves and what they like. You may not know what you are doing as a virgin but an expert doesn’t know the other persons body and everyone responds differently to different situations.