Fever Night

After their fun, they are bummed that nothing exciting happened, so they pack up the car and are ready to leave when Warren accidentally runs over Terry, killing her. In the pitch darkness of night, Elliot (who’s kind of a prick) tells Warren to stay with her body while he follows a bright light shining through the forest, hopefully to get help.

Fever Night  Review   Warren Accidentally Killing

You aren’t beaten over the head with gore and it isn’t overtly sleazy The dialogue seems to have been dubbed in post because most of it was much too clear and lacking any background sound. All of this and the overall camerawork and style worked together to create one fucked up acid trip of an experience. He is a student of genre films, watching as many as possible while still being married and reading reference books like novels.

This mayhem adds to the demonic turmoil that is now hunting down Elliot and it comes for him in the form of Terry. University of California, Santa Barbara graduates Jordan Harris and Andrew Schrader took a couple of years of hard work to finish Fever Night aka Band of Satanic Outsiders, their ode to the hallucinatory Satanic flicks from the exploitation heyday of the 1970s.