Explainer What The Hell Is Going On In Ukraine

Since the split, they’ve been trying to find their footing as an independent nation, and for the most part, it has not gone so well. Viktor Yushchenko technically beat Viktor Yanukovych (the current President that everyone is still pissed off about) by a large margin, but Yanukovych was declared President anyway.

Explainer What Hell Going Ukraine. Viktor Yushchenko Technically

Since the Soviet Union split, the EU and the US have been trying to bring democracy and human rights to the Ukraine and other former Soviet states—but, since Ukraine is so large and conveniently situated between Russia and the EU, Russia still wants a piece of that. Experts, however, think that Putin is trying to get the old band back together, and that bringing the Ukraine back into the fold is the first step in that. The ProtestsThe Euromaiden protests that are going on right now essentially started in November and have been going on these past few months. Primarily because a large segment of the population desperately wanted the country to align with the EU rather than Russia in hopes of bringing economic stability and more liberal social policies to the country. To state that the president, parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers aren’t capable of carrying out a geopolitically strategic course of development for the state and to call on Yanukovych’s resignation.

In addition to the awful human rights crap and all the corruption, the economy in the Ukraine has pretty much been in the shitter. HOWEVER…Last year, Yanukovych suddenly backed out of the Association Agreement discussions and flew to Russia to get Putin to buy up $15 billion of the country’s debt and cut gas prices, which Ukraine is largely dependent on.