Expat Life

Our neighbor’s son, trying to get away from the weird looking man
It brings to mind such noble professions such as, high ranking military officer, fire fighter, police officer and car mechanic. Members of my parents generation will often proudly display a mustache (my father has had one for most of his life, and ever since I was born) however, few of my generation can pull it off well.

Expat Life   Officer Fighter Police

For the most part, people just didn’t bat an eye, and I was quite proud of my facial adornment and the status it conveyed. The full impact of the effect of the mustache came late one afternoon as we were trying to usher out the last outpatients from the ambulatory clinic. As I walked by his room to let him know I was heading out he flagged me down, saying, “Oh Dr David. I feel it is a form of racism, as if my skin color infers I know more than my fully competent Nepali colleagues. Generally I refuse these requests, but since the resident himself was asking, and it would be rude to refuse with the patient right in front of me, I obliged.

At first they thought I may have missed a considerable patch while shaving, or perhaps it was a rare form of fungus on my upper lip. When it was clear that it was an ‘intentional mustache’ I found many of my foreign friends simply stopped making eye contact with me, including my wife for a time.