Gym Dilemma Some Ladies At The Gym Called Me WeirdWhat Do Do Now My Heart

My Y Girls: See, it’s not weird if everyone’s doing it. I love you guys.
After all, just check out my FB photos for evidence that I too have suffered from the dreaded Ducklip Disease. Zumba, where I’d tried really hard to smile at people, make small talk during breaks, compliment people’s shoes and all those other things you do when you’re trying to make friends on the playground.

Dilemma Some Ladies Called Weird. Ducklip Disease Really

I mean, we’re not competing on Dancing With the Stars, we’re just trying to get our sweat on, right? Back in my old gym, had this happened I would have brushed it off knowing that even if these two didn’t like me, there are plenty of people there who do. I had a great community in my Y in Minnesota and I think I didn’t realize how much they protected me. It was basically like my first day of Middle School, except now everyone knows how to put their bra on without turning the clasp around to the front and deodorant isn’t exotic. There’s another lady there, who owns her own business and has 17 grandchildren and bunions but she loves dancing anyhow and… the fact that I know this much about her makes me think that she must like me at least a little bit.

And yeah, I am sure they were talking about me because I wore a distinctive skirt this morning and they mentioned that too. Now, one of the things I love best about dancing but Zumba in particular is that when you’re in a just-for-fun class with grown-ups it can be one of the most body positive experiences there is.