David IckeS Marriage Breakdown He Once Claimed HeS The Son Of God And The World

Complicated relationship from the start: When Pamela met David he was already living with two other women So the Isle of Wight to be with Icke before moving permanently to the
But Icke’s show in November, with tickets costing $50 (£32) a head, was a sell-out, as have been most of the other dates on his world tour, which ends in Britain later this year. But there is one thing Icke has not yet talked about on his tour — and he does go on rather, sometimes for eight hours at a time — and that is the increasingly bitter divorce battle he is embroiled in with his second wife, Pamela Leigh Richards.

David Icke  Marriage Breakdown. Talked Rather Sometimes

Pamela, 52, and the mother of a 24-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, met Icke in Jamaica in August 1997. Pamela, the daughter of an American fighter pilot, worked in financial services and was attending a conference on the island. Icke was giving one of his talks at the same hotel and Pamela was intrigued enough to attend — and was mesmerised by what she heard. I came away with the knowledge that the world is not what I thought it was and I learned about its reptilian aspect. I went up to David afterwards to thank him, but at that time I was not romantically attracted to him.’

Pamela — in all other respects an intelligent and articulate woman — also believes sinister forces lurk in dark corners. So much so, that during the 11 years they spent together, she devotedly accompanied Icke on his travels, spreading the word.
for two years, Pamela ‘commuted’ from her home in Phoenix, Arizona, to island.