Ben Clement Photographs Weird Stuff And People Doing Funny Things

His subjects vary from travel, to street, to people; and his free form style has made him popular locally and overseas. Ben Clement: I’m on a crazy deadline for a campaign we just did with New Balance, it came in really last minute so we’re scrambling to get it done.

Clement Photographs Weird Stuff People. Popular Locally Overseas

Sometimes it depends what mood I’m in; it even depends if I’m on a shoot or just walking around with my camera. I was in NY recently and when I was hung over or just having a bad day nothing would pop up for me—even if it was literally right in front of me. A few of my friends have work in the shows, so I’m really excited for everyone to come together and be on the same page, showing all their best work. It doesn’t really happen that often that you get a whole week of all your good friends who take amazing photographs in the same show.

There’s a lot of weird stuff, people doing funny things and a bunch of story telling, I’m kind of stoked to show them. You’ve mentioned your ability to work within your means, but are there times you look around and just can’t get anything from your surroundings?